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Company Overview

In 1984, the need was recognised for a national, fast, reliable and economical component-level power supply repair service. Martin Griffith, our Managing Director, established Switchmode in response to an increasing demand for high quality, custom power supply repairs.

In 1993, the decision was made to pursue quality certification, to demonstrate our commitment to quality and a management system that is regularly audited. In this way we satisfy the stringent requirements of our Defence, Government, mining and industrial clients. Quality certified in 1994, we currently hold certification to ISO9001:2015 with SAI-Global.

Based in Sydney, in 1998, we moved from our North Ryde premises to larger premises in Hornsby which allowed us more space to safely repair larger power supplies. Our premises have been extended twice since then to provide workshop space for more engineers and storage facilities for our comprehensive files on every power supply we have received.

Compliance with AS/NZS 4801:2001 for OH&S was demonstrated by SAI Global audit in 2004. Our respect for employees’, contractors’ and visitors’ health and safety continues through maintenance of that management system.

In recognition of our record to the Australian Defence Organisation and our contribution to the sustainability of the Australian Defence Force, in 2006 we achieved certification as a Defence Recognised Supplier.

To demonstrate the degree of accuracy with which we could repeatably test and calibrate our clients’ equipment, we were accredited with ISO17025 in 2010 by NATA.

Our core business is the efficient repair of low to medium volume power supply products where technical information, support, spare parts and/or test fixtures are often scarce or unavailable.

Power supplies are crucial to many differing industries. We service mission-critical applications from all industries from medical to power stations, Defence to telecommunications, Mining to transportation. Often the power supply is part of larger host equipment. If possible, the host can be shipped to us to facilitate repair. In other cases, we manufacture specialist test equipment to allow us to proceed without the host.

Our capabilities include the fully traceable repair, refurbishment and testing of power supplies, rectifiers and  converters of any type up to 50kVA. Our experience includes the successful repair of over 6000 different models of power supplies from more than 1000 different manufacturers worldwide.

We have a high skill level, with different power supply topologies and designs. The standard kinds of power supply topologies include linear, ferro-resonant, phase-controlled, pulse width modulated, forward, flyback and mag-amps. We are able to reverse engineer power supplies to allow us to find a solution for a repair. More recently we have undertaken engineering design to help some of our clients with difficult power supply related problems. Our skilled engineers are happy to help if you have a power supply design issue.

We are proud that we are able to repair more than 95% of the power supplies received.  We warrant our workmanship and materials and less than 5% of successful completed power supply repairs are returned to us – for any reason, including customer error.

No symptom apparent is a common power supply fault, and our engineers will pursue a solution. Many power supplies require replacement parts fitted as part of the repair. We stock numerous parts, allowing a fast turnaround. Specialist parts are sourced on an “as needs” basis by our purchasing department using extensive knowledge gained over several years.

We strive to provide our clients with the very best service. Our aim is to satisfy customers by providing excellent communication and good value for  quality repairs.

Repair Yield greater than 90%
Less than 10% of power supplies received are unrepaired