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Case Study 1 – Remanufacturing

Switchmode Power Supplies was approached by a major systems integrator (a client of 8 years) who was having repeated failures of one particular make/model of power supply used in a critical defence application. The power supply was MIL-SPEC using military grade components and according to its specifications, should operate reliably in the environment in which it was installed. The company went to the manufacturer who was unable to determine the source of the problem other than to suggest poor quality components; the manufacturer of which in turn believed it was poor semiconductor quality.

inside electrical equipment, visible is the side of a green circuit board with round blue attachements, a yellow attachment, and silver parts on top

Switchmode investigated the problem with the attention to detail that our professional engineers approach all problems. There was found to be four separate instances of design and assembly flaws in the manufacture of the power supply. The manufacturer had not used the correct variant of the part for the application, other components were found to be incompatible with each other, the heatsink was out of manufacturer’s recommended tolerance and thermal transfer medium was inferior to that recommended by the component manufacturer. The result of this work was a remanufactured power supply which Switchmode had modified to meet or exceed all component manufacturer’s specifications and has not failed since returned to service by a very satisfied client. Now, as each successive defence unit is serviced, all unmodified power supplies are sent to Switchmode for remanufacturing as a matter of procedure, for greater reliability than the original part, and therefore reduced cost of ownership over its life without the expense of engineering host equipment for a different make or model of power supply.

a badly scuffed green and silver metal panel with screws at the top and bottom edges.

Let Switchmode Power Supplies breathe more productive life into your equipment with their professionalism and thoroughness.

Refurbished or remanufactured power supplies can have longer productive life than new equipment, reducing the need for costly host re-engineering required for new units to replace the original.