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Power Supply Repair

Power supply repair is Switchmode’s core business; providing a specialist repair and refurbishment service, with high quality, high yield repairs since 1984. Switchmode’s custom equipped facility, years of technical expertise, extensive knowledge of power supply topologies and an integrated technical database enables efficient and effective service of equipment often received with little or no technical information. Power supplies of most makes and models from all industries including Defence, Medical, Telecommunications and Industrial applications are repaired. Power supply repair processes have been developed to provide cost effective and efficient repair/refurbishment solutions.


To ensure reliability well beyond the warranty period, preventative maintenance is routinely included in Switchmode’s repair procedures. Switchmode will replace known unreliable components often with components of higher specification. These components are identified through extensive experience coupled with comprehensive records of component failures compiled over many years.

Switchmode recommends that for any critical equipment, scheduled preventive maintenance and refurbishment greatly reduces unscheduled and unexpected downtime. Eliminating avoidable failures reduces the chance of catastrophic failure, which may lead to irreparable damage and consequent obsolescence issues.

Test & Calibration

Where appropriate Switchmode will design and build special test equipment to validate performance to specification. All test results are recorded and maintained. Compliance reports are available on request. A 12 months warranty on parts and workmanship is provided as standard. Specialised test procedures are developed, controlled, and maintained as required.

Switchmode provides calibration services in accordance with ISO17025, NATA or any special customer requirements.

Switchmode provides repair, adjustment, calibration and certification of equipment.

Capabilities per equipment type:

Power Supplies

Output ParametersOperating Conditions
Output VoltageStability (over a designated period of time)
Maximum Output Current
Input Operating Voltage Range
Current Limit (if fitted)
Power Limit (if fitted)
Over Voltage protection (if fitted)
Options (Power Good; Inhibit; Enable)
Power Factor
Line Regulation
Load Regulation
Cross Regulation

Current Shunts

Output ParametersOperating Conditions
ResistanceStability (over a designated period of time)

AC Power Supplies

Output ParametersOperating Conditions
Output VoltageStability (over a designated period of time)
Maximum Output Current
Phase angle

Engineering Services

Switchmode provides engineering solutions for your power equipment requirements. Some examples of work undertaken include application specific power supplies in custom solutions, reverse engineering, remanufacturing, re-engineering and project work.


Switchmode Power Supplies will start with a standard refurbishment and then perform engineering changes necessary to improve the reliability of existing power supplies. This might include electronic design changes, such rewinding inductors for better ripple performance, or mechanical improvements, such as heat sink modifications to reduce operating temperature.

See our case study on remanufacturing.


Re-engineering is where Switchmode will plug a compatible unit into the original chassis, thereby restoring the equipment to as-new or better reliability than the original and occasionally with improved functionality.

See our case study for re-engineering.